Errymaple Poetry Piece

Errymaple Poetry Piece

y Sharon Mpofu

The future began in 2010 when Errymaple was built and its gates where open
The future was brighter than ever ,best achievers in education
With the rule of the golden language which is English
Errymaple specialise in various talents like thumb piano, drama and poetry
Errymaple believes not everyone is good at entertainment that’s why it offers various clubs like science club, chess club and many more
With teachers which are committed to helping children prosper
Errymaple does not only focus on teaching studies but also teaches love respect and humanity with subjects
Like history and FRS students are surely not to forget where they came from
Errymaple offers different sports like tennis, hockey , soccer and netball
Errymaple teaches children to fit in different communities that’s why it also participants in clean up campaigns
Black and yellow that’s our uniform
Thumbs up to the Ruswa family for this nobel development
Errymaple the future

Africa will rise again

Africa will rise again

A poem by Sharon Mpofu Form Four Student

Poem By sharon

The greatest African proverb states UMUNTU NGUMUNTU NGABANTU


But yet people don’t know the

meaning of this proverb

It means you can never prosper without someone’s help

We as Africans we lack UBUNTU.,

humanity love kindness and unity that’s

why we have things like xenophobia

attacks and i ask my self why the

hatred why the lack of peace in us

Would it hurt if we unite, would it hurt

if we showed love to one another

whether black or white whether Zimbabwean or Malawian

The answer is NO

Why the shed of blood don’t you think

enough blood was lost on the cross of Calvary

What are other continents saying

when they see Africans fighting each other

It shows we lack unity and love

My fellow Africans i am not asking for much I am just asking for unity and love between us


Taurai Mutema

Taurai Mutema

Ona Taurai naTarisai vanofara