1.0 Introduction

We have come to the end of an exciting term, which was full of activities and success stories. The economy had not been friendly to us in a number of ways but we managed to come to the end without compromising our services. We have had a hectic but productive term, thanks to your unwavering support parents.

2.0 School Fees

To those parents who pay fees on or before opening day of school, we do appreciate your role and understanding. It makes planning much easier for us as we won’t have to waste precious learning time hunting for unpaid fees. We therefore urge all parents to cooperate and pay fees BEFORE OR ON THE DAY OF OPENING.

Failure to comply with the above shall see the child being denied entrance at school right from the first day of school. The following methods of payment are available at the school for your convenience: Swipe, ECOCASH, Cash and Bank Transfer.

The school banking details are as follows:

Account Name: Errymaple College

Bank Account: 81031000747

Branch: Zvishavane

Bank Name: NEDBANK

ECOCASH DETAILS:*151*2*3*172804*Amount #                        



  • Now your school is offering three practical subjects that are Agriculture, Computer Science and Building Studies.
  • In the Science department we are offering the following subjects:
  • Form 1 and 2                                    Combined Science
  • Form 3-4                                           Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Advanced Level                              Biology, Chemistry, Geography and                                                                                              Computer Science
  • Your school had introduced Biology and Chemistry at Advanced level at the beginning of this term as a way of expanding the curriculum and areas of specialisation.
  • We are proposing to have a small practical fee in addition to our school fees next term which shall be paid termly by all students who have either a science or practical subject. Current syllabuses and examinations now require practical knowledge and also exercise, as a result the school is left without option but to buy equipment and materials required.


  • We continue to strive hard towards academic excellence with all students from Form 1 to form 6.

4.1 Week-end school

  • As a way of improving our learner’s performance, teachers shall be available on Saturdays conducting remedial lessons from 0800 hours to 1200 hours.
  • We also created remedial classes for non-readers and students with learning challenges. As Errymaple High School we understand that students are different and also that they learn differently, as a result we are applying different teaching and learning methods to cater for learners with different needs. I want to remind our dear parents that all students learn and succeed but not at the same time and in the same way.

4.2 Boarding School

  • I would have loved in future seeing every student in boarding as a way of increasing their learning and studying time.
  • All parents with children who are in Form 4 and Upper 6, we encourage you to take them into our boarding school so that we help and improve them.
  • Students need more time to learn and concentrate on school work especially at this point and time, therefore I strongly urge you to make plans and bring your children into boarding.
  • We do not accept failure by any one of our students in all subjects, please help us to achieve 100 % pass rate by all means necessary.

     4.3  Cambridge

  • Errymaple High School is a registered Cambridge Examinations International, HEXCO Examinations and Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC). We are teaching Cambridge Examinations International syllabuses from Form 1 to Form 6, which means all our students, are capable of writing with this examinations board.
  • We are still a centre of ZIMSEC as well as HEXCO which means our students will also be prepared extremely well to sit for examinations with those boards.
  • It is our desire to see the whole school registering for Cambridge Examinations International because of all its advantages especially with increasing competition in both local and foreign institutions of Higher and Tertiary learning.
  • Payment arrangements are available for those who want their children to write Cambridge Examinations for example paying when your child is in Form 3 or Lower 6.

NB # The school managed to give end of term examinations to all our students and what we need from all our parents is to scrutinize the performance on school reports and give proper feedback to the school. We urge all parents to take this seriously, because your feedback will help us to serve you better.

5.0 Sports, Arts and culture

5.1 Sports-As a school we take sports more seriously and ask you parents to do the same by supporting your child and also the school. We want to be known in the following sporting disciplines:

  • Athletics, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Chess, Volleyball, Netball and Soccer.

You are encouraged to support your child and the school by purchasing the required sporting attire and equipment for the sport(s) your child has interest in for example a hockey stick, tennis racket e.t.c. 

  • The school has a number of competitions lined up for next term starting May to August for different sporting disciplines.
  • We are working hard to identify, nurture and promote our students talents and areas of interest, so we need your maximum support in this area more than before.
  • On the 5th day of March 2020 we hosted three local high schools and three clubs in a chess competition. Our students performed very well and got fourth prize and we are looking forward to a similar competition next term.

5.2 Clubs

  • The whole school participated in the Clean-up Campaigns which were held this term around the town of Zvishavane.
  • Our students participated in the Annual Music Competitions held at Midlands Christian College by the National Allied Arts of Zimbabwe (N.A.A.Z.) on the 9th day of March 2020. We participated in different categories of music and we managed to get good and excellent grades, which shows that we are growing in this area. I advise each and every parent to encourage and support his/her child to participate in arts and theatre as career or confidence and leadership building exercise.
  • Clubs are an important aspect of learning for all our students and we encourage them to participate because they improve confidence, leadership skills, wellness, environmental awareness e.t.c.
  • We need to give all learners wings to fly high and also a platform to showcase their talents.
  • The following are clubs in our school:
    • Public Speaking and Debating
    • Music
    • Science and Innovations
    • Interact and Health
    • Young Farmers
  • On our school timetable we have time allocated specifically for clubs, the same with sports.

6.0 Uniforms

  • We urge all parents to purchase full uniforms for both school and sports so that wherever we go, our students shine in their golden and black exquisite uniforms. It is not good to have anyone of our students feel out of place because he/she is not adequately attired for either school or sports.
  • I ask you parents to prepare your children adequately over the holiday and the school office shall be open during the schools holiday for the purchase of uniforms and other business.
  • As part of requirements, now all students in Form 1 up to Form 4 MUST have blue work suits which they shall put on during the practical’s lesson.
  • Also all students who are doing any science subject MUST have a laboratory white coat which they shall put on during the science practical’s lesson. These two last requirements were made as an effort to enforce rules and requirements of the subjects at the same time protecting our children and their uniforms.
  • Work suits and science laboratory white coats are available at our school at very low prices and in all sizes.

7.0 Other School requirements

  • In order for us to progress well despite the ever- rising cost of living, we appeal to all parents to get on board and support us in our small requests.
  •  May you please ensure that all children pay for civvies day? We would also like each learner to bring the following:
  • 1 by 4 packet of tissue
  • 1 rim of bond paper

Again thank you for supporting your children with all the requisite learning materials, and the payment of fees and other costs.


We need to build an Errymaple High School which should be envied by all and also need to produce students with relevant knowledge, skills and values which create a sound basis for self improvement.

Thank you

Mr. T. Guranyika       (Acting Principal)

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